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Health Justice as Charity | 30 Days, 30 Clinicians

MNC Eileen Eager [Editor’s Note: Happy Birthday, Migrant Clinicians Network! To celebrate our 30th anniversary this month, we are highlighting one clinician each day who has been honored in 30 Clinicians Making a Difference​​​, in which we profile the work of 30 diverse migrant clinicians from across the country and abroad. This week, we are featuring the five honored clinicians located near MCN's Salisbury, Maryland office.]

This year, MCN celebrates its 30th anniversary, but just two years ago, our friends at Seton Center had their own 30th year in serving their migrant community in Princess Anne, Maryland. Sister Eileen and her partners Sister Cecilia, Sister Diane, and others, are well known in the migrant health world as the helpers who don’t quit. In viewing the exhaustive list of services available to community members, it becomes clear that their level of dedication to the health and wellbeing of their community is unique.

Services available at Seton Center include:

  • Three food distribution programs – a food cooperative, an emergency food pantry, and a government surplus program;
  • Basic Needs Program, supporting households at risk of becoming homeless;
  • Family strengthening services and case management;
  • Immigration Programs;
  • Thrift center;
  • Health prevention advocacy;
  • Women’s support groups; and
  • Information and referral services.

Congratulations to Sister Eileen and her whole team for their inspiring work. Read Sister Eileen’s complete profile here.

Help us honor the work of Sister Eileen by sharing her profile. And, make sure to check out the profiles of all 30 clinicians at the 30 Clinicians Making a Difference webpage.

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