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Call for Agricultural Workers Who Serve on a Health Center Board: Join the National Advisory Council on Migrant Health

MCNThe National Advisory Council on Migrant Health (NACMH) is a multi-stakeholder board that provides recommendations to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) on key issues affecting migrant health centers and other entities that receive Section 330 funding. The council is composed of migratory and seasonal agricultural workers who receive services at health centers, frontline clinicians who serve these workers, and migrant health center executives. The council reviews topics including the organization, operation, selection, and funding of health centers and entities receiving Section 330 funding. Council members receive compensation for their time to attend council meetings as well as coverage of travel expenses and associated costs.  

Currently, NACMH is accepting nominations for two positions on the council. Specifically, HRSA is requesting nominations for:

  • Board Member/Patient: A nominee must be a member or member-elect of a governing board of an organization receiving funding under section 330(g) of the PHS Act or of other entity assisted under section 330 of the PHS Act. A board member nominee must also be a patient of the entity that he/she represents. Additionally, a board member nominee must be familiar with the delivery of primary health care to migratory agricultural workers and seasonal agricultural workers and their families.
  • Administrator/Provider Representative: A nominee must be qualified by training and experience in the medical sciences or in the administration of health programs.

Learn more about NACMH and the nomination process by reading HRSA’s Notice entitled, “National Advisory Council on Migrant Health Request for Nominations for Voting Members” on the Federal Register.

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