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Migrant Clinicians Network Calls for Empathy and Renewed Commitment After Election

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Today, MCN’s CEO, Karen Mountain, RN, MSN,MBA sent out an all-staff email with the subject, “Taking Stock and Drawing a Breath.”

“We probably will have many new challenges to face...but we have always had more than enough passion, ingenuity, and grit to see us through,” Mountain wrote. “ I believe we each understand that the stakes for many of the people we serve are incredibly high and I know we will do everything we can for the mobile poor, for our family and friends, for MCN and for each other.”

In the aftermath of an unexpected Trump victory, we as clinicians have heightened concerns for the health needs of US immigrants like migrant farmworkers who have been the punching bags of the campaign -- and who now face threats to their health care, worker protections, and, for those who lack authorization to live here, even their ability to live with their families without fear of deportation.

Today we must step forward, with love, empathy, and a strong and unwavering voice for the rights of immigrants and migrants in our country. Health care is a human right and every person in this country deserves basic human dignity -- and it is in our hands to come together and loudly ensure that our elected leaders respect the lives of our nation’s immigrants. As Dr. Ed Zuroweste, our CMO, told us earlier today: “Now, more than ever, we need to not sit on the sideline, but be out there in front, leading the charge.” Today, we as clinicians must boldly push ahead, reaffirming our duty to fight for health justice for the mobile poor, the underserved, and the vulnerable.


It's up to us. Donate to MCN today to assure that immigrant health rights are protected.


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