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Tomorrow, it’s #PumpkinPie, but on #GivingTuesday? It’s all about Migrant Clinicians Network

MCN Giving Tuesday

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and the house smells like pie. It’s tempting to run away from the headlines, from the flashing TV screens, announcing the latest (and often even more upsetting) political news, and just turn to the family for a quiet week (if you can in fact find some quiet in the extended family). I am looking forward to our peaceful time at home -- and I hope you will have such a time, as well. But I call on you to make sure you take part in one important Thanksgiving ritual: Donate to Migrant Clinicians Network on #GivingTuesday. Take some time to get on the computer and voice your support for health justice for the mobile poor. Here are three reasons why your donation is more important this year than ever.


  1. Support for Health Network: Health Network, Migrant Clinicians Network’s bridge case management program, is reaching more people than ever.  This month, Health Network closed its 1000th case for the year -- shattering last year’s record for the number of cases closed in one year. That means over one thousand people with ongoing health conditions were able to find a doctor in their next location, because of Health Network. Health Network is unparalleled -- no other organization in the world provides such a service -- and it’s effective. Health Network continues to post treatment completion rates approaching that of non-mobile patients. Health Network needs more support to reach the number of people who are seeking its services.

  2. Innovative services to meet the needs of migrant clinicians: Comic books on the repercussions on pesticide exposure. The Worker Protection Standard. Trainings for Community Health Workers. At every turn, Migrant Clinicians Network is there to give clinicians and health advocates the tools, training, and resources they need to effectively keep the underserved healthy and safe.

  3. A voice for the health needs of the mobile poor: In these uncertain times, we need a strong and united voice to push for the health rights of the migrants in the US. As a network of clinicians serving the mobile poor, we will stand up against racism, fight for the needs of immigrants, and loudly declare that health care is a human right for all. Now more than ever, we must be part of the national conversation. Your support provides funds that we can use freely for advocacy, outside of our program funding.


Join me next week on #GivingTuesday to donate to Migrant Clinicians Network. Because we won’t stop until every person has access to quality health care. Because we won’t let a change in administration erode the rights of migrant workers. Because we will continue to push hard for health justice for the mobile poor. 


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