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Five on Friday | October 28, 2016

MCN Five on Friday

This week’s Five on Friday features updates on refugees and migrants attempting to reach Europe and the US, along with critical information on pesticide drift in Washington State and farmworkers’ rights in New York State. 


  1. Jillian, Director of Education and Professional Development, forwarded a link to the NPR story on the UN report that declares, “2016 Will Be Deadliest Year Ever For Migrants Crossing The Mediterranean.

  2. Claire, Writer & Editor, followed Jillian’s article with a Texas Monthly piece showing new US Customs and Border Protection data on border apprehensions for fiscal year 2016. The total number of unaccompanied minor and family apprehensions was slightly greater than the figure during 2014’s border surge.

  3. Candace, Specialist in Women’s Health, recommends checking out the resources available at the FDA’s Hispanic Women’s Health Outreach site.

  4. Juliana, Environmental and Occupational Health Program Manager, shared two articles on pesticides -- the first on pesticide drift in Washington State, the second on the postponement of EPA Scientific Advisory Panel meetings on the safety of glyphosate.

  5. Amy, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, read this article on the New York Farm Bureau’s permitted intervention in the New York Civil Liberties Union lawsuit that seeks to create a constitutional right for farmworkers to collectively bargain: “The court’s decision will allow our grassroots organization to vigorously push back against labor activists who seek to impose their will on family farms across the state,” said Dean Norton, New York Farm Bureau President. 


Have a safe and healthy Halloween weekend. (And don’t forget that Halloween is the most dangerous night of the year for pedestrians, when walker fatalities spike. Take care of yourself and your family!)


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