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Five on Friday: AgHelp Connects Migrants with Services and California Pursues New Health Protections on Chlorpyrifos

MCN Five on Friday


The kids are headed back to school, some for the first time. But the first timers aren’t just the photo-ready Kindergarteners, with colorful backpacks and superhero lunchboxes. Some are newly arrived unaccompanied minors who have been settled with family members and foster families around the US -- some of whom have never had any formal schooling. You can see how many children have been settled in each county across the country in a new map. A table below the map breaks down the number of resettled children per year, through the end of June.  How many child asylum seekers are in your local schools? Are they getting the services they need to address their unique health needs related to the trauma of pre-, peri- and post-migration? Immigrant health is always at the top of the list here at MCN. Here are a few news pieces that MCN staff members shared this week.


  1. Corey, Communications and Graphics Designer, shared a story about AgHelp, a new app that “connects farmers, workers, and support agencies.” Migrant Ed and other agencies are currently in beta testing.

  2. Amy, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, sent along California EPA’s press release entitled “California Pursues New Health Protections on Chlorpyrifos.”

  3. Claire, Writer and Editor: “Last week, the Trump administration ended the Central American minor program which allowed Central Americans under 21 to apply for temporary humanitarian parole status if they had a parent in the country with lawful status.”

  4. Claire also recommended an excerpt from a new book entitled Chasing the Harvest about the life of a farmworker family in Southern California, via Civil Eats.

  5. Jessica, Grant Writer, sent in two pieces, one local and one international.  In Jessica’s town of Chico, California, a graduate student of forensic anthropology talks about her internship along the US-Mexico border, identifying remains of migrants and talking with families who are still searching for missing loved ones.  A second piece details the tragedy at an Indian hospital where 60 children died when the hospital was cut off from oxygen supplies for nonpayment. 


Have a safe and healthy weekend.


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