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Five on Friday | July 21, 2017: Groups sue U.S. for turning away asylum seekers, and women on the run from IPV

MCN Five on Friday


By the time I wake up to go to work, agricultural workers in fields around the country have been bending over rows of plants and lifting crates of produce for a few hours already.  While I come home ready to make dinner, agricultural workers come home with aching bodies that need to be rinsed of the pesticide residues, dirt, and sweat that remain of the day, before they can transition to their home life -- that is, if they have working hours from dawn to afternoon. When I make dinner, I am holding the work of the agricultural workers in my hands, and feeding it to my family. Thank you to all the clinicians who serve this population, to ensure that they have access to the care they need. And thank you to the agricultural workers for doing such difficult yet much-needed work!  As we head home this evening and into the weekend, take a minute to give thanks to the workers who enable us to eat. Here are a few good reads from MCN staff to accompany you into the weekend. 


  1. Del, Director of International Projects, Research, and Development, fresh from a research trip along the Texas-Mexico border, sent this “disturbing report:” “Groups Sue U.S. Government for Turning Away Asylum Seekers.”

  2. Candace, Specialist in Clinical Systems and Women’s Health, responded: “Disturbing indeed. Ms. Magazine has a good article [excerpt available here] in their current issue about Central American women who are victims of IPV attempting to seek asylum in the US.”

  3. Jillian, Director of Professional Development and Education, forwarded the NPR piece, “Doctor Shortage In Rural Arizona Sparks Another Crisis In 'Forgotten America.'”

  4. Jessica, Grant Writer, pulled this quote from the eye-opening article,: Arks of the Apocalypse: “There is a very intense feeling that we’re losing biodiversity quicker than we can understand it.”

  5. Candace says: “I sent out the first of these improbable puppet-narrated environmental health videos awhile back...and now there's a whole series of them! Take a look if you have a chance--they're entertaining and informative and, well, scary.”


Have a safe and healthy weekend.


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