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MCN’s Top Five Pesticide Resources for National Poison Prevention Week

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It’s National Poison Prevention Week. Agricultural workers are at a heightened risk for poisonings from pesticides -- and clinicians need the tools to be able to best recognize and manage a poisoning. Here are MCN’s top five resources for clinicians.


  1. MCN’s Pesticide Comic Books: Still one of MCN’s most popular resources, the Spanish-language and low-literacy pesticide comic books cover topics like pesticides indirectly brought to the home, the dangers of exposure during pregnancy, and ways to lessen risk of exposure. The comic books are available for download for free.
  2. Pesticide Reporting and Workers’ Compensation Interactive Map: Created by MCN and Farmworker Justice, the map shows the pesticide reporting requirements in each state as well as workers’ comp rules.
  3. MCN’s Pesticide Exposure Clinical Guidelines and Assessment Form: These template guidelines and form assist health centers clinicians. Use the form to document a pesticide exposure and help remind you of the data to collect.
  4. ChE Algorithm and Guidelines: This clinician’s guide provides a concise and simple format for monitoring cholinesterase levels for patients working with organophosphates and other cholinesterase-inhibiting chemicals.
  5. EPA’s Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings Manual, 6th Edition: This manual is the seminal work for any clinician working with patients who may experience pesticide poisonings. No pesticide resource list is complete without this manual! Download your copy for free, or request a hardcopy on the EPA’s website.


Clinicians play an extremely important role in the recognition and management of pesticide poisonings. Most critically, by reporting exposures as required, educating patients and the community on the dangers of pesticides, and lending a voice to marginalized workers and their families, clinicians can prevent pesticide poisonings.  Learn more at our upcoming webinar! Join MCN and Dr. Jimmy Roberts, the lead author of the EPA’s Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings Manual, 6th Edition, for a webinar on April 20th at 1 pm ET. Register here!


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