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Five on Friday: Ben & Jerry’s Helps Improve Migrant Dairy Workers’ Conditions and Help For Puerto Rico

MCN Five on Friday


It’s the first week of October, which for me means Fair Trade Candy Buying Week. It’s a troubling task -- if I wait much longer, it might not ship to me in time for Halloween and the local stores may be sold out as in previous years, but then I have candy sitting around my house for three weeks. If you can handle the weeks of chocolate-covered torment in your own kitchen cupboards, I recommend stocking up! (Chocolate is implicated in child labor [read more here, here, and here] and deforestation in West Africa, which are prime concerns of third-party certifications like Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance -- be sure to read the labels.)  How do you celebrate a socially and environmentally sustainable Halloween?  Share your story on our Facebook page. In the meantime, here are some reads from MCN staff.




Ben & Jerry’s Strikes Deal to Improve Migrant Dairy Workers’ Conditions




Theressa, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, sent out “Ben & Jerry’s Strikes Deal to Improve Migrant Dairy Workers’ Conditions.”





Help for Puerto Rico




Alyssa, Environmental and Occupational Health Intern, offered a few articles on help for Puerto Rico -- one about Orlando Airport and another on local Maryland groups’ efforts to provide aid.





UVM Medical Student Says DACA Gave Him a Chance to Chase Dream




Corey, Communications and Graphic Designer, saw a piece about another DACA recipient in medical school, similar to the profile we shared yesterday on the blog. 





Refugees' Health Problems in Greece Mostly Unmet: Medical Charity




Jessica, Grant Writer, sent the Reuters piece, “Refugees' health problems in Greece mostly unmet: medical charity.”





Dr. John Brownstein, Director of Innovation at Boston Children's Hospital on Disruptive Technologies in Health




Karen, CEO, recommended this Conversations on Health Care radio interview with Dr. John Brownstein, Director of Innovation at Boston Children's Hospital, on Disruptive Technologies in Health. 



Have a safe and healthy weekend.


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