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Five on Friday: Aid Lags in Hurricane-torn Puerto Rico as San Juan Mayor Pleas for Support

MCN Five on Friday


As we reach the end of September, we look back at the devastation that this particular page in the calendar has brought to vulnerable communities across North America. Major earthquakes, hurricanes, superstorms, flooding, and fires have caused extensive damage and heartbreaking loss. For this week’s Five on Friday, we wish to focus on Puerto Rico, which appears on the brink of humanitarian crisis, and what we know so far, despite the limited communication. Here are some of the pieces that MCN staff have shared this week on the disaster:






‘Nothing, nothing.’ Aid lags in Hurricane-torn Puerto Rico




"'Nothing, nothing'.’ Aid lags in hurricane-torn Puerto Rico,” yesterday’s piece from AP and “Puerto Ricans say US relief efforts failing them,” from today’s AP emphasize how many people on the island are still lacking basic needs.







U.S. Response in Puerto Rico Pales Next to Actions After Haiti Quake




The Washington Post’s article, “U.S. response in Puerto Rico pales next to actions after Haiti quake,” gives context to the response.







Photos of Disaster in Puerto Rico




The Atlantic has offered up photos of the devastation, here and here.







Puerto Rico Rushes to Patch Up Health-Care System Ravaged by Hurricane Maria




Puerto Rico Rushes to Patch Up Health-Care System Ravaged by Hurricane Maria” from the Wall Street Journal sheds light on our clinician colleagues’ concerns.







San Juan Mayor Discloses Heartfelt Pleas For Puerto Rico



San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has made headlines with her teary and angry pleas for more robust disaster responses. They are both worth a watch.



Look for our statement on Puerto Rico and more coverage of the many disasters and their effects on vulnerable populations in the coming weeks. Have a safe and healthy weekend.


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