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Five on Friday: Federal Judge Protects Texas Sanctuary Cities and Human Flow, Documentary on Global Refugee Crisis from Ai Weiwei

MCN Five on Friday


Thank you to the migrant laborers across the country -- agricultural workers, custodians, construction workers -- who are often overlooked during our Labor Day festivities but make up an essential part of our economy and our culture. Here are a few articles that were recommended by MCN staff this week. Enjoy your three-day weekend!



Woman holding sign: Repeal SB4


Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks SB4, Texas Law Targeting Sanctuary Cities

Alma, Health Network Associate, sent over NPR’s article, “Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks SB4, Texas Law Targeting Sanctuary Cities,” which affects MCN’s hometown Austin. 



girl standing at the entrance to old tent


Human Flow

Have you heard about Human Flow, a new documentary about the global refugee crisis from Ai Weiwei? Our friend Ricardo, former Health Network Manager, emailed us a Five on Friday contribution from his new job over at UT Austin’s Department of Population Health… He must miss us! (We miss you, too, Ricardo.



flooded neighborhood houses


Abbott Says Texas Will Accept Mexican Offer of Hurricane Harvey Relief

Elaine, CFO, shared “Abbott says Texas will accept Mexican offer of Hurricane Harvey relief,” from Dallas News. “‘Texas and Mexico share more than half the border,’ Carlos Sada, Mexico's undersecretary for North American relations said. ‘There are families, marriages, businesses that bind our two sides. This is about being good neighbors.’”



roller coaster sinking in ocean in new jersey


Natural Disasters by Location: Rich Leave and Poor Get Poorer

As Houston begins to drain, Claire, Writer and Editor, sent out a recent article from Scientific American, “Natural Disasters by Location: Rich Leave and Poor Get Poorer.”



thank you to our fans!


MCN Achieves the 2017 Top Rated GreatNonprofits Award!

A short toot on our own horn: Corey, Communications and Graphics Designer, sent out the announcement that MCN achieved the 2017 Top Rated GreatNonprofits award once again this year! Thanks to all our fans for giving us such great reviews. Check out our profile and leave a review.


Have a safe and healthy Labor Day Weekend!


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