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Five on Friday: The Heroin Addiction Epidemic in Ohio/Kentucky and Staying Safe After Flood Damage

MCN Five on Friday


Have you seen the Binational Health Week GoFundMe page we created? We need to raise just $1400  to pay for services, childcare, and more during Binational Health Week in Austin, which this year serves not just local Latino families but also Harvey evacuees in the region. Please take a look, donate if you can, and share on your social media.

Here are some other links that you may have missed this week, all recommended by MCN staff.





Seven Days of Heroin. This is What an Epidemic Looks Like.

Jillian, Director of Communications and Professional Development: “This is a very well done (and painful) profile of a week in Ohio/Kentucky dealing with the heroin addiction epidemic.”





Cleaning Up, Staying Safe

Alma, Senior Program Manager of Environmental and Occupational Health, recommends the US Department of Labor’s recent blog post, Cleaning Up, Staying Safe.



. Translated Into Spanish

Claire, Writer and Editor: “ has finally been released in Spanish at -- a great resource for people interested in better understanding the most up-to-date nutrition science.”





How Can California Keep the DACA Dream Alive?

Corey, Communications and Graphic Designer from our California office shared LA Weekly’s piece, “How Can California Keep the DACA Dream Alive?” 





Mass Freedom Project

Del, Director of International Projects, Research, and Development is heartened by the launch of the Mass Freedom project, which “aims to bridge the movements fighting to end mass incarceration and mass deportation under a shared vision for a multiracial democracy.”


Have a safe and healthy weekend.


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