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Five on Friday: National Safety Month

MCN Five on Friday Hands Working in Field


June is National Safety Month. Mobile agricultural workers continue to be at greater risk of injury than almost any other job position in the US. We continue to fight for stronger and intact regulations to protect their health; for greater integration of pesticide poisoning recognition, management, and treatment into primary care; for safe places for children while their parents work; and more -- because everyone deserves a safe workplace. Visit our Environmental and Occupational Health page for even more resources to keep vulnerable worker patients safe. Without further ado, here are MCN staff’s five reads for the week. Enjoy the June weather!. 




Stories Shared by Immigrants in the U.S.
About Their Lived Experiences 
Stories Shared by Immigrants in the U.S. About Their Lived Experiences 


Butterflies march in Capital


Theressa, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, came at us with some good news stories via the Butterfly Story Collective podcast. Thanks, Theressa, we all needed that!




WHICC 2018 | Webinars on various topics along the HIV Care Continuum


WHICC webinar promotional


Karen, CEO, recommends Women & HIV International Clinical Conference (WHICC) Webinar Series, from June 11-15.




Warm Weather is No Excuse for Harassment


Illustration of different body types


Alma, Senior Program Manager, shared this comic op-ed: “The weather is getting warmer. That’s not an excuse to harass someone on the street.”




Mental Illness: The Disparity We Don't Talk About


Someone having their blood drawn


Alma also shared this New York Times article on mental health issues: “The Largest Health Disparity We Don’t Talk About.”




Lowe's Drops Paint Removal Products After Protests


Paint roller applying paint


Amy, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, celebrated the announcement: Lowe's bans paint strippers after protest campaign.


Have a safe and healthy Memorial Day weekend.


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