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One Word: Our Project ECHO on Diabetes & Hypertension Wraps up

Word map of Echo session  feedback


This week marks the conclusion of our five-month ECHO sessions on diabetes and hypertension. As part of the closing, we asked participants to choose one word to describe the experience, and a short reasoning on their choice. One participant, who chose the word “revelation,” said, “I chose this word because I had already heard much of the information we covered, but in my head the concepts weren’t connected. Through these classes, I realized how I could take these concepts and really know them and act on them.” Another participant, choosing the word “depth,” explained that “when you mention the topic to discuss, you think you already know it -- but when you listen to the session, you realize that there is so much more to learn.”

We send our gratitude to each of our participants for joining in enthusiastically, week after week! Hearty thanks and praise also belong to the many experts who presented and lent a hand in the discussions around these powerful and important topics around health issues affecting millions across the US. Finally, a big congratulations to MCN’s Alma Galván, who coordinated the effort and facilitated discussions throughout the two series, and Martha Alvarado, who provided the technical support. You can learn more about the sessions’ expert speakers and the topics at our ECHO page.

Read more about our recent series on our Diabetes & Hypertension ECHO page.


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