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MCN Training Opportunities

MCN Training Opportunities

The Migrant Clinicians Network has been delivering quality training services to clinicians for over 25 years.  MCN’s professional development services are designed to meet the needs of clinicians at various points in their careers in migrant health.  We offer a range of opportunities to accommodate a diversity of needs. 

Health Network Training

The Migrant Clinicians Network is available to come to your site free-of-charge to train staff members on how to enroll and follow-up patients in the MCN Health Network Program

Other Training for Clinicians and/or Health Centers

While MCN remains responsive to late-breaking issues, the organization has also developed a series of migrant-specific curricula that speak to many of the critical issues facing this population.   In addition, MCN has fostered relationships with many experts throughout the country who are available to speak on a wide variety of topics.  The following lists provide  examples of some of the key issues covered by MCN’s existing curricula:


Core Clinical Measures:

Providing Culturally Competent Care

Integrating the Core Clinical Measures into Your CQI Program

Creating a Medical Home for Patients on the Move

How to Write a Health Care Plan Using the New BPHC Core Clinical Measures

Outreach and Service Delivery to Vulnerable Populations

Disaster Relief Available to Farmworkers and the Role Migrant Health Centers Can Play in Securing Them

Ventanillas de Salud Open a Window to Global Health


Environmental/Occupational Health:

Brining Healthcare Justice to the Frontline: Integrating Environmental Health into Nursing Practice and Education

Environmental and Occupational Health for the Primary Care Provider

Grasshoppers, Dust and Salsa - An Old Toxin in a New Setting: A Fresh Look at Lead Poisoning in Migrant Populations


Migrant Health Topics:

Immunization Strategies for Mobile Populations

Orientation to Migration Health


Epidemiology/Migrant Health Topics:

Management of Diabetes in a Mobile Population

Cancer Support Resources Hispanic/Latino Populations

Epidemiology of TB: Global, National, and Regional

H1N1 and the Federally Funded Health Center

The 100 Day Cough: The Pertussis Epidemic and corresponding Webinar on Pertussis


Women's and Children's Health:

Caring for the Pregnant Migrant Woman

Pediatrics for the Non-Pediatrician

Pesticides and Women of Reproductive Age

Giving Birth to Quality Perinatal Care Services: Midwifery Models for FQHCs

Domestic Violence in a Migrant Population: About Domestic ViolencePrevention,and MCN Prevention Initiatives


Other Challenges:

Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse

Global Issues in the Local Provision of Immunization Care

Tackling the Tough Topics: Counseling Skills