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Five on Friday: Doubling Down for World Health

MCN Five on Friday - two apples


April 7th is World Health Day, and we’re celebrating by doubling down on our Five on Friday recommendations -- with two reading recommendations from each staff member!  Despite the dizzying speed of the news cycle in these troubling times,  we recognize that an informed and motivated clinical network can make lasting change. Help us stay informed as well -- send us your reading recommendations on Twitter or Facebook!




Immigrant Stories: Doctors and Nurses




Jillian, Director of Education and Communication, shared Immigrant Stories: Doctors and Nurses, a new short film. The description sounds like a line from our recent poll results: “Doctors and nurses report on the heightened levels of anxiety and stress their undocumented immigrant patients are experiencing, resulting in health complications, missed appointments, failure to pick up life-saving medications, and even patients yanking out their ventilation tubes and fleeing the ICU out of fear of deportation.”  Jillian also recommended Hesperian’s newest guide, Guía práctica para promover la salud de las mujeres, the Spanish translation of their Practical Guide to Health Actions for Women.




22 Ambassadors Recommend the One Book to Read Before Visiting Their Country


stack of books


Lasz, Co-Chief Medical Officer: “Always interested in better cross-cultural understanding, I found this website of ambassadors recommending one book to read before visiting their country. I hope more ambassadors will add their favorites.” Lasz also shared “The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant,” saying, “interesting results, when you look thru the lens of facts, epidemiology and biostatistics…” 




Grieving parents & health advocates urge Lowe’s to pull deadly paint strippers from store shelves


paint stripper documentation describing unreasonable risk


Alma, Senior Program Manager of Environmental and Occupational Health, shared this article and action alert, “Grieving parents & health advocates urge Lowe’s to pull deadly paint strippers from store shelves.”  Alma also sent along this announcement of April’s National Minority Health Month.




A Betrayal


ms-13 gang member sitting in shadow


Claire, Writer and Editor, shared an upsetting article on a teenage MS-13 gang member and informant who is currently under deportation proceedings despite the useful information he provided to authorities and the death sentence a deportation would sign. Claire also forwarded on “Migrants at U.S.-Mexico border say Trump's tough talk will not deter them.”




US paves way to hold more pregnant women in immigration jail


pregnant women with immigrants feed me written on stomacj


Candace, Specialist in Clinical Systems & Women’s Health, shared “US paves way to hold more pregnant women in immigration jail.”  Candace also thought this was of interest: “The Republican mayor of El Paso had a different take on the troops-on-the-border issue.”


Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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