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Top Five MCN Resources for National Farm Safety & Health Week

Top Five MCN Resources for National Farm Safety and Health Week

National Farm Safety and Health Week is once again upon us. Agriculture continues to be one of the most dangerous industries in the US. Farmworkers are especially prone to occupational injury, in part due to the combination of poverty, limited access to health care, hazardous working conditions, and lack of regulations.  Culturally and linguistically competent safety training for farmworkers shifts the workplace for hundreds of farmworkers, giving them the knowledge, tools, and resources to stay safe. In honor of National Farm Safety and Health Week, we offer up our favorite Migrant Clinicians Network farm safety resources for you to use and to share.


  1. Clinician’s Guides: Newly updated this summer, our Clinician’s Guides lead you through the most critical federal guidelines protecting farmworkers, including the Worker Protection Standard and OSHA’s Field Sanitation Standard.

  2. Immigrant Dairy Worker Health & Safety Resources: Check out our train-the-trainer model in which one trained dairy worker trains fellow workers, reinforce safety messages, serve as a liaison between workers and farmers, and assist farmers in recognizing potential safety hazards. Learn more about the model and access the full accompanying curriculum on our Seguridad en las lecherías page

  3. Pesticide Exposure Reporting & Worker’s Compensation Map: How do you keep up with all the regulatory changes? Our map gives up-to-date resources on how to report, broken down by state. 

  4. Pesticide Comic Books: Our bilingual ever-popular comic book series is available for download for free. Learn how children can be exposed to pesticides when parents come home from their jobs in the fields, or what situations women of childbearing age should avoid, or how families can keep their homes free of pesticides. 

  5. Health Network: MCN’s award-winning bridge case management system for mobile patients is a critical way to assist migrant workers who have an occupational injury but need to move. Clinics sign the patient up, and Health Network Associates assist the patient in accessing health care and health resources to continue their treatment plans while on the move. 


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