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Description of Diabetic Case Manager roles and responsiblities in the clinic setting.

Reasonable Hope | W2W Resource

A tool for health care providers and others to assist agricultural workers in accessing workers' compensation benefits. A Farmworker Justice/MCN resource.

This new guide from the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership is intended to help civil legal aid practitioners message their work to health care audiences in order to build stronger cross sector medical-legal partnerships and to encourage investment in that work.

Sobre La Vacuna

Heat-related Illness Training Materials

Title screen of Deconstructing Health Messages Prezi Presentation

The analysis encouraged by these Five Key Questions, developed by the Center for Media Literacy (CML), can inform the decision-making or actions that we may take in a media-driven world.

A Prezi presentation that includes the Five Key Questions accompanied by links out to related resources is available to view here:

Apply For a BrainTrack Nursing Scholarship

In addition to being a college and university directory BrainTrack also features its own scholarship opportunity. To help nursing students currently studying to become a nurse, such as an LPN or RN, or to advance their education as a nurse via associate, bachelor, master, or doctoral degree programs, BrainTrack's Nursing Schools Scholarship offers a winning and second place award every semester. The scholarship essays submitted by entrants are designed to help others consider becoming a nurse or advancing their nursing education and career options.

Legal advice for cancer patients. 213-736-1455

Complete job description includes duties and responsibilities: program planning and supervision of medical staff.

Coping with Moral Injury

This web site and toll-free call center were created to provide FREE, reliable health information for women everywhere.

A CDC resource page where there is current Zika updates and resources.

Comprehensive flood information including links to preparedness and response/recovery pages.

A flier created by the CDC's National Diabetes Education Program as a guide for patients in the management of medicines to treat diabetes. Available in English.

MCN's 2019 in Review

English brochure preview

Creating the Backpack You Want to Carry Now

La Vacuna Contra Covid Es Proteccion

The first section of the document is tailored to each Collaborative Topic (diabetes, cancer, etc.) with suggestions for how CHWs can promote significant outcomes within a variety of measures. The second section includes a grid describing roles for CHWs in five of six components of the Chronic Care Model, aligned with already-established Change Concepts such as "Set and document self-management goals collaboratively with patients." For each Change Concept, a number of high-potential Change Ideas are presented.
Online Job Bank. Family physicians remain in high demand and have a variety of practice settings available to them. To view your options and current openings
Directory provides detailed information for eligibility and obtaining free medications.
Medical supply company, that provides low cost or totally free diabetic supplies to diabetics who are eligible through Medicare or private insurance.
People Living With Cancer is the patient information web site of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). It provides oncologist-approved information on more than 50 types of cancer, their treatments, and clinical trials.
New safety and health guidance from OSHA alerts workers and employers about the hazards of avian flu and provides practical recommendations on ways to avoid sickness.