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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Prioritizing Farmworkers and Other Essential Food Workers for the COVID-19 Vacci
By: MCN Admin, Dec. 21, 2020
Yesterday, the Center for Disease Control Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended that essential workers, including food and farm workers, receive COVID-19 vaccinations in the next distribution phase. Together with Farmworker Justice, Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN) submitted comments to the ACIP to prioritize farmworkers and essential food system workers. We urge states... Read More
Five on Friday: Coping With COVID-19 and the Holidays
By: MCN Admin, Dec. 18, 2020
This week’s Five on Friday continues our efforts to support frontline clinicians who are serving immigrant and migrant communities, by sharing some of the most useful articles and resources that we gathered this week. Here they are, recommended by MCN staff:  Roxana found these “Six Mindfulness Activities Specific to Coping with COVID-19 and the Holidays” to be helpful. Candace... Read More
Partnering Through the Pandemic: Keystone Health Agricultural Worker Program’s F
By: MCN Administration, Dec. 17, 2020
Earlier this year, Melanie Finkenbinder, MD, shared the best practices that Keystone Health, a health center in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, was using to fight COVID-19 in migrant agricultural worker camps. Six months later, after Pennsylvania’s main agricultural seasons have come to an end, and most migrants have either returned to their country of origin or moved southward for more... Read More
Five on Friday: Human Rights Week
By: MCN Admin, Dec. 10, 2020
“Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.” -- Article 25, UN Declaration of Human Rights This week is Human Rights Week, which commemorates the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Access to health care is a human right – yet millions of... Read More
"You Saved Lives": Celebrating the Kugel and Zuroweste Award Winner
By: Ashley-Michelle..., Dec. 9, 2020
In a year defined by health inequities and limited health care access, the push for health justice remains crucial to Migrant Clinicians Network’s work. MCN’s Kugel and Zuroweste Health Justice Award serves to celebrate the work of migrant clinicians who are actively engaged in the fight for health justice. This month, MCN hosted an awards ceremony to celebrate Caroline Johnson, FNP, Clinical... Read More
Five on Friday: The Well-Being of Workers and Their Families
By: MCN Admin, Dec. 4, 2020
Welcome to Five on Friday, where we at Migrant Clinicians Network share the top five articles, resources, and announcements of the week with you, our readers. As we tumble into the last month of this unprecedented year, our Five on Friday selections continue to be dominated by COVID-19.  Amy shared the new Urban Institute report, “How Risk of Exposure to the Coronavirus at Work Varies... Read More
Photovoice: Migrant Farmworkers, Sharing Their Lives Through Photography
By: Robyne Hayes, Dec. 2, 2020
[Editor’s Note: Robyne Hayes recently partnered with Migrant Clinicians Network on the Tu voz importa/Your Voice Matters project. Read more about the project here. In this blog post, Robyne shares the backdrop of the project. Support this project and many others by donating to MCN during our End-of-the-Year Giving campaign to show support for #HeroesOnTheFrontline. Please visit our GoFundMe page... Read More
World AIDS Day: A Physician’s Look Back at 40 Years of Patients
By: Laszlo Madaras, Dec. 1, 2020
[Editor’s Note: Here, Migrant Clinicians Network’s Chief Medical Officer, Laszlo Madaras, MD, MPH, shares his encounters with AIDS as a doctor, from Africa to the US, to commemorate World AIDS Day and to reflect on one of his #HeroesOnTheFrontline, Dr. Jonathan Mann. Today, Migrant Clinicians Network celebrates #HeroesOnTheFrontline like Dr. Mann, as well as Dr. Madaras, who has been serving... Read More
Caroline Johnson, Winner of MCN’s Inaugural Kugel & Zuroweste Health Justice Awa
By: MCN Admin, Nov. 30, 2020
By Ashley-Michelle Papon, Project Coordinator, Development and Outreach[Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Caroline Johnson! Support our #HeroesOnTheFrontline like Caroline through Migrant Clinicians Network’s #GivingTuesday campaign here:]In a year where the news has often ranged from difficult to grim, it is particularly... Read More
Five on Friday: The Health Needs of Farmworkers
By: MCN Admin, Nov. 27, 2020
While Thanksgiving looked different for many of us this year, for some, it is too much the same: millions of food workers across the US are still toiling in fields, farms, orchards, packing houses, and slaughterhouses with few worker protections, in dangerous working conditions, and for poverty wages. This year, many are working in conditions that have led to the rampant spread of COVID-19, as a... Read More
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