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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Five on Friday: Maternity Care at the Border
By: MCN Admin, Aug. 20, 2020
In McAllen, Texas, MCN’s Nahiely “Pinky” Garcia reports that there is still plenty of good news in this troubling world. She works as a Health Network Associate, linking pregnant asylum seekers and their families with care, from the MCN office inside of the Catholic Charities Respite Center close to the US-Mexico border.  “We have been having new babies here at the Respite Center along with... Read More
Preparing for the Fall: The Critical Work of Keeping Patients Up To Date on Vacc
By: Laszlo Madaras, Aug. 19, 2020
By Laszlo Madaras, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer at Migrant Clinicians NetworkAt the height of a COVID-19 spike at my hospital, when my community was listed as a hotspot in the national news, a man in his mid-40s presented with a fever, achiness, and a rash. He didn’t have a cough, but, recognizing that COVID-19 has such a wide range of presentations and seeing his flu-like symptoms in the non-... Read More
Five on Friday: Farmworkers Vulnerable to the Virus
By: MCN Admin, Aug. 14, 2020
COVID-19 continues to spotlight the shocking conditions under which American “essential” farmworkers toil daily. When COVID-19 becomes part of history – which we all hope will be very soon – what will happen to the racist and exploitative structures embedded within industrial agriculture, that have left farmworkers so vulnerable to the virus? Here, we continue to share some of the reports about... Read More
COVID-19, the Immigration Health Surcharge & the UK’s National Health Service
By: MCN Admin, Aug. 13, 2020
[Editor’s Note: This guest opinion article comes from Immigration Advice Service’s Holly Barrow, who shares recent developments in access to the health care system in the United Kingdom among migrants and immigrants, and draws parallels between US and UK essential workers during the pandemic.] In the UK, access to free health care is considered a given for British-born residents - and this... Read More
MCN Comic Book and Training Curriculum Helps Farmworkers Stay Safe From
By: MCN Admin, Aug. 11, 2020
[Editor’s Note: Another popular MCN comic book has been released! View all of MCN’s comic books, available for download for free, here. Access all the Worker Protection Standard training curricula and resources here.]COVID-19 is hitting farms hard. While outreach teams shift to provide COVID-19 prevention and support, they also continue to support farmworkers to avoid ongoing occupational hazards... Read More
Five on Friday: National Immunization Awareness Month
By: MCN Admin, Aug. 7, 2020
It’s August! It’s National Immunization Awareness Month – and perhaps no other year has needed an immunization awareness month as 2020 does. As children get ready to go back to school (whatever that means these days), many have fallen behind on their vaccination schedules as a result of disruption in care due to and fear over COVID-19. The CDC has released new vaccination guidelines during COVID-... Read More
Dr. Zuroweste, TB Expert, Calls for Increase in Public Health Resources as COVID
By: MCN Admin, Aug. 6, 2020
Tuberculosis kills over 1.5 million people, every year. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, TB experts are gravely concerned that the already unacceptable number of annual deaths from TB is going to grow. Ed Zuroweste, MD, Founding Medical Director of Migrant Clinicians Network, attends to TB patients at seven county health departments in Pennsylvania and oversees the entire state’s TB program --... Read More
Kugel & Zuroweste Health Justice Award: Open for Nominations
By: MCN Admin, Aug. 5, 2020
[ Ed Zuroweste (left) and Candace Kugel (right) with longtime friend Deisy Marquez in Honduras. ]The Kugel & Zuroweste Health Justice Award recognizes a rising star clinician hard at work to achieve health justice, providing them with a one-time $1,000 award and national recognition through MCN’s communication and networking channels.Nominations are now open. We call on individuals in the... Read More
Five on Friday: Public Charge Rule Blocked During Pandemic
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 31, 2020
It’s Friday again – time to gather some of the news and resources that we found most helpful or insightful this week, plus a double dose of the Weekly Win to bring our spirits up! Amy shared the Houston Chronicle article, “'I’m just so, so tired': COVID Taking Emotional, Physical Toll on Houston Health Care Workers.”Kate recommended reading the opinion article in the Annals of Internal... Read More
Update from Witness to Witness: Pivoting to Virtual Peer Support for Clinicians
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 28, 2020
[Editor’s Note: Last week was the two-year anniversary of Witness to Witness! In just two short years, Witness to Witness has supported over 3,000 frontline workers like pro-bono attorneys working at the US-Mexico border, clinicians in Paradise, California after the Camp Fire, and outreach workers at Ventanilla de Salud offices around the US during this COVID-19 pandemic. Kaethe Weingarten, PhD,... Read More
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