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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Five on Friday: Community Health Centers Needed to Stop Pandemic
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 2, 2020
It’s Fourth of July weekend! Please stay safe, wear your mask, and maintain physical distance -- and, if you have a few spare minutes, read these recommendations, from MCN staff: Alma in Massachusetts shared the New York Times opinion piece, “Now Is a Time to Learn From Hispanic Americans,” about the “Hispanic Paradox”: Despite poverty and discrimination, Hispanic Americans live... Read More
Tu voz importa / Your Voice Matters: New MCN Project Elevates Lives of Migrant F
By: Ashley-Michelle..., Jul. 1, 2020
By Ashley-Michelle Papon, Project Coordinator, Migrant Clinicians NetworkAs Bob Dylan once crooned, the times, they are a-changin’. With news events like the disproportionate death toll of COVID-19 in Indigenous, Black, and Latino communities, the ever-increasing necessity of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the DREAM Act, awareness about the lived... Read More
Dr. Eula Bingham: Heroine for workers’ right to safe and healthy jobs
By: MCN Admin, Jun. 30, 2020
Dr. Eula Bingham (2015). Credit: Maryam Jameel/Center for Public IntegrityWritten by Celeste Monforton, DrPH, MPH, The Pump Handle [Note from Amy K. Liebman, Migrant Clinicians Network’s Director of Environmental and Occupational Health: “Dr. Eula Bingham made a lasting imprint on Migrant Clinicians Network. One of Dr. Bingham’s proudest accomplishments at OSHA, where she served as assistant... Read More
Five on Friday: Artists Create COVID-19 Health Messaging
By: MCN Admin, Jun. 26, 2020
Pride Month is coming to a close. While we celebrate the recent Supreme Court decision that protects LGBTQ+ workers, the National Association of Community Health Centers noted in their recent Washington Update that a newly finalized rule change by Health and Human Services “eliminates some of the nondiscrimination protections in health care and coverage” -- a reminder that we still have a long... Read More
I Worked at the ER Treating COVID-19 Patients, Then My Daughter Got Sick: Frustr
By: Laszlo Madaras, Jun. 25, 2020
MCN's Dr. Laszlo Madaras (right) and a colleague wear PPE at their hospital in Pennsylvania.By Laszlo Madaras, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer for the Migrant Clinicians NetworkMy daughter woke me up just after midnight in tears, telling me she suddenly awoke to a racing heartbeat and severe shortness of breath after going to bed just hours earlier and enjoying a deep sleep. She had me worried... Read More
COVID-19: Clinicians Ramp Up Testing, Outreach, Contact Tracing, Partnerships to
By: MCN Admin, Jun. 24, 2020
In Immokalee, Florida, the nation's tomato capital, the coronavirus has taken hold, with almost 1,000 cases recorded since April.  Overcrowding in farmworker housing, during transportation to worksites, and while laboring in fields has made farmworkers particularly vulnerable to the virus.  Now, thousands of migrant farmworkers are leaving the region and heading northward as the summer... Read More
A Tribute to Mary Englerth
By: Laszlo Madaras, Jun. 22, 2020
MCN's Dr. Laszlo Madaras with Mary Englerth, PA, in front of Keystone Health. By Laszlo Madaras, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer for the Migrant Clinicians NetworkThe end of May 2020 saw the end of the amazing life of Mary Englerth. Mary was a champion health care worker who put her heart into migrant farmworker health, and her life was full of caring. She received a Bachelor of Arts in music... Read More
Five on Friday: SCOTUS Blocks Attempt to End DACA
By: MCN Admin, Jun. 19, 2020
Friday is here again! Here are five recent news selections that were shared by MCN staff this week. Thanks to the Supreme Court, we have a double dose of the Weekly Win to guide us into the weekend.  Amy shared an article, “As Summer Season Heats Up, Migrant Workers Confront Compounded Coronavirus Risks,” that references MCN’s recent webinar, “COVID-19 and the Realities for Farmworkers... Read More
¿Es el COVID-19 aerotransportado? Preguntas y respuesta con los doctores Chad Ro
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jun. 17, 2020
[Nota del editor: este artículo se publicará en el próximo número de Streamline. Asegúrese de suscribirse a nuestra publicación trimestral impresa aquí.]Nuevos estudios relacionados al COVID-19Durante el seminario virtual, el Dr. Zuroweste describió dos estudios epidemiológicos recientes que destacan los riesgos asociados con la aerobiología de COVID-19. Un trabajo de investigación cubrió las... Read More
Five on Friday: Challenges of False-negative COVID-19 Tests
By: Anonymous, Jun. 12, 2020
Friday has arrived! Many in our clinical network around the country have been very hard at work and outside of work to serve patients, support the community, and fight for justice. MCN’s Witness to Witness has offered resources and webinars about stress, grief, and support in recent weeks that are now available on our site. Stay safe and healthy as you continue your important work!  Laz... Read More
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