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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Migrant Clinicians Network Reveals Ventilation Checklist for Safe Workplaces
By: Robert Kinnaird, Aug. 2, 2021
By Robert KinnairdAs COVID-19 primarily spreads through the air, workplaces with poor ventilation are among the most endangered by the virus. To address the problems poor ventilation can create, even beyond the current pandemic, Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN) has created a checklist in partnership with the National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants (NRC-RIM) that workers... Read More
Five on Friday: Workers at the Border Receive Vaccines
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 30, 2021
The heat of summer continues. Many farmworkers are starting their days hours before the rest of us rise, to avoid the hottest hours of the day. Their hard work is bringing us our summer favorites. Our recently updated Heat Stress page includes our Clinicians’ Guide to Heat-Related Illness -- be sure to check it out. And now on to Five on Friday, where we offer up five articles that we shared... Read More
MCN Brings Much-Needed Farmworker, Clinician Perspectives to Pesticide Conferenc
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 29, 2021
Alma Galván, MCH, MCN’s Senior Program Manager; Laszlo Madaras, MD, MPH, MCN’s Chief Medical Officer, Eva Galvez, MD, from MCN’s Board of Directors; Mily Treviño-Sauceda, Executive Director of Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, Inc.; and Amy Liebman, MPA, MCN’s Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, at PACT 2021.Last week, when Migrant Clinicians Network’s Alma Galván, MCH, provided the... Read More
Five on Friday: Workers Grapple with Climate Crisis
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 23, 2021
A hundred years ago this week, a child received the first BCG vaccine for tuberculosis. Ed reminded us that this vaccine didn’t stop the bacteria – it doesn’t prevent infection or active TB disease -- but it does prevent newborn TB meningitis, which has saved millions of babies’ lives in the last century. “However, what is more astonishing is that we are using exactly the same vaccine, and it has... Read More
It is Never Too Late to Soften Grief
By: Kaethe Weingarten, Jul. 21, 2021
By Kaethe Weingarten, PhDThis month marks the 45th anniversary of my mother’s death and, finally, it feels different.  I am carrying a piece of what pained me more lightly, which is making this time of year easier than usual. In the last year and a half, an estimated 600,000 people in the United States have died from COVID-19.  Some estimates are higher and if you count deaths that... Read More
Five on Friday: Washington State Sets Heat Rule for Farmworkers
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 16, 2021
It’s hot out there! As we continue our work through the summer, we recognize the demanding and dangerous work of farmworkers and other outdoor workers whose vulnerability rises as temperatures increase. Speaking of heat, Kaethe shared some good news from Washington state. The State Department of Labor and Industries ruled that farmworkers must have shade and rest breaks under emergency rules... Read More
Los 5 mejores recursos de vacunas contra COVID-19 para Migrantes e Inmigrantes
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 13, 2021
El verano está en pleno apogeo y las campañas de vacunación están teniendo dificultades. La prisa inicial ha disminuido, y muchas comunidades se encuentran ahora con más vacunas que personas que quieran vacunarse. Sin embargo, al mismo tiempo, muchas comunidades de migrantes e inmigrantes están informando que quienes quieren recibir una vacuna contra COVID-19 todavía no pueden obtener una. ¿Por... Read More
Five on Friday: Health Promoters Help Latinos Get Vaccinated
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 9, 2021
Is it Friday already!? This shorter work week has not hindered the flow of articles amongst MCN staff. Below we have shared a few of our favorites. Claire shared this article, featuring MCN’s Amy Liebman: While State of Emergency is Lifted, Some Say Food and Farm Protections Are Still Needed. The article, stresses the need for a move towards legislation that would ensure food and farm... Read More
El Cambio climático, el calor y los trabajadores al aire libre: Nueva guía para
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 8, 2021
Hace calor – y cada vez hace aún más calor. El cambio climático está aumentando el número de días de calor extremo en todo Estados Unidos. Este aumento en el calor es peligroso para los trabajadores que laboran al aire libre, desde los trabajadores agrícolas, los techadores y los trabajadores de la construcción, hasta los trabajadores de las pistas del aeropuerto. También es preocupante para... Read More
Five on Friday: Latinx Communities Need More COVID-19 Media Coverage
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 2, 2021
This Friday, MCN staff have shared updates ranging from artistic interpretations of the immigrant experience to federal decisions effecting immigration, as well as the latest updates on COVID-19 vaccine research which may influence equitable vaccine access. Kaethe shared this heart wrenching piece by the New York Times which explores the journeys of migrants on the U.S.-Mexico border through... Read More
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