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Juan Abre los Ojos

Applying the witnessing model to George Floyd's Murder

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Haitian Creole Flow charts

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How to De-escalate a Tense Interaction

Haitian Creole  

Images of the featured resources

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A Daily Practice to Restore Equanimity

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How to Re-establish Safety When You Have been Jolted into a Stress Response

Pregnancy and the COVID-19 Vaccine brochure OUTSIDE

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Healthy Sleep Tips

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Questions for staff to address current organizational tensions

Vaccines, Masks, and the Delta Variant Handout

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Worker Protection Standard Pesticide Safety Training Curriculum - Culturally and linguistically appropriate  curriculum with supporting resources for training workers on the revised Worker Protection Standard. Developed by the Florida State University PISCA Project and Migrant Clinicians Network.

This list of resources was selected because of the breadth of languages and the simplicity of the infographics. 

APHA's Get Ready campaign helps Americans prepare themselves, their families and their communities for all disasters and hazards, including pandemic flu, infectious disease, natural disasters and other emergencies.

The Hesperian provides excellent patient education material on COVID-19 in a number of languagues for use internationally or with immigrant communiites in the United Sates. 

My Health is My Treasure

Diabetes is a common but complicated health condition facing agricultural workers within the United States. To help assist agricultural workers in learning about this diagnosis, Migrant Clinicians Network has partnered with professional artist and collaborator Salvador Sáenz to create “Mi salud es mi tesoro: Un guía para vivir bien con diabetes,” or, “My Health is My Treasure: A Guide to Living Well with Diabetes.” This low-literacy comic book explores the topic through the full-color story of an agricultural farmworker named Goyo, whose recent diagnosis of diabetes prompts him to engage in conversations with other agricultural workers on topics of diet, exercise, and illness prevention while facing the unique hurdles of living a life of migration. The comic book was originally produced in Spanish, and is now available in English below. Please click "Leer en español" above to access the Spanish-language version. 

In order to print the right number of comic books, we are asking organizations to pre-order in quantities up to 500. The comic book and shipping will be paid for by MCN. In exchange, we simply ask that you, or someone from your organization, complete an evaluation of the comic book several months after you first receive it. Information from the evaluation will help us improve our resources and will give us important insight into how the comic book is being used in the community.

Download a digital copy of the comic book below!

These Spanish and English cholesterol patient education resources were developed by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and the School of Public Health, El Paso Regional Campus. The artwork was done by Salvador Saenz, a well-known and respected public health educator and artist based in El Paso, TX

These Spanish and English hypertension patient education resources were developed by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and the School of Public Health, Ele Paso Regional Campus. The artwork was done by Salvador Saenz, a well-known and respected public health educator and artist based in El Paso, TX. 

Resources on diabetes-care programs including the topics: about diabetes, type 1 diabetes, healthy eating, and blood sugar. Available in Spanish and English.

This resource offers training for community based organizations and workers in the aftermath of natural disasters. It includes educational materials as well as trainer guides and tools.

Blog post from the U.S. Department of Labor highlighting common hazards during hurricane cleanup as well as links to additional readings.

Information on keeping food and water safe for consumption and best hygiene practices in the face of disasters.

Offers tips about potential hazards and protective strategies during disaster cleanup.

Resources in English and Spanish from Florida State University's Center for Child Stress and Health on how to talk to a child about deportation and associated stress.

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Tomato Workers Health Guide


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Created by MCN, medical student Rachel Kelley of UCSF, and collaborators at East Tennessee State University, this guide is intended to be a reference for health care providers who work with people employed in the U.S. tomato industry. It aims to prepare providers with a more detailed understanding of hazards, health issues, and work processes associated with different tomato industry jobs.

This guide draws on published research, experienced health professionals’ advice, and information gathered from interviews and focus groups conducted with 36 tomato workers from diverse backgrounds and 14 community leaders familiar with tomato workers’ health in multiple states. It is important to note that health and safety conditions at any particular farm or company may vary from what is described here. Furthermore, individual workers may experience the same set of conditions differently.

The first section of the guide focuses on health hazards and health conditions commonly encountered in tomato production. The second section consists of detailed descriptions and illustrations of different tomato production tasks. The third section covers “human resources” information and policies that apply to U.S. agricultural workers generally. The appendices contain a Spanish-English glossary, further detail about different types of pesticides, information about agricultural occupational health policies and regulation, and a list of resources and readings.